Post-Training Support Options

We are a complete technology training solution provider.

We know that the most important part of training is the implementation. It's not enough to just learn a skill, you have to use it and make mistakes before you are comfortable and facile with it, and nowhere more so than technology based applications. That is why we are committed to complete post-training follow-up and support options.  That can range from real-time phone support, the convenience of 24/7 email and online support, in-person meetings and more.

We offer a wide range of options from a minimum of supporting exactly what the specific subject matter training covered to offering a full technology training support plan for your faculty and facility.

Contact us today about our support plan options.

Quick Tip - Google

Google is an amazing tool, it does so much more than simply searching the web for content, here are a few of our top Google tricks:

  • Add filetype: to your search to display results that only match a certain file type.
  • Use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a math problem in the search.
  • Enter a full phone number with area code to display the name and address associated with that phone number.

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